Embrace the Gap

By Sabrina Robin

Gaps exist everywhere in our lives. They exist between our vision of what we want, and the
 reality of what is – in ourselves, our lives, our loved ones, and the world. In ourselves, it can be
 a skill we want to master and yet when we apply it we experience mediocrity and failure. Or a
 dream that we haven’t been able to manifest. With a spouse or friend it could be our vision of
 how an important conversation will go to resolve a misunderstanding that then goes wrong. In
 our work, it could be an employee in whom we see great potential who just isn’t stepping up to 
the plate. And it seems the gaps out there in the world are bigger than ever these days as
 evidenced by the polarity we see on important issues in the news. Gaps can be painful. Our 
human lives are full of them. The discomfort can challenge and scare us, or inspire us to action
 and positive change. Sometimes they do both.

I used to ask why all the gaps and how can I fix or change them so they all go away? Then it
 occurred to me that there are much more empowering questions to ask….

What would it be like to embrace the gap? 

What is available there? What would it take to bridge it? Who would I become if I embarked on that journey? As I started to ask those questions and led my clients to
 look for the answers, I realized that it’s in embracing the gap that we find the treasure – learning,
 new possibility, creativity, imagination, mystery, courage, rectification, connection and

Embracing the gap can be scary and uncomfortable. If we can do it with
 courage and curiosity, learning and transformation can occur.
 So when you feel that discomfort or longing in the gap, don’t be tempted to cover up the 
feelings with overworking, withdrawing or denial…embrace them instead.

If you want an
 experienced guide for the journey, hire a good coach. It’s what we do best.
 And remember, life isn’t just about closing the gap, it’s about who we become in the process.

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