“Sabrina Roblin brings a powerful mix of heart, spirit and business experience to her work as a coach. Love filled, gentle, yet with an amazing ability to have challenging conversations, Sabrina is the one you want on your side!”
Cynthia Loy Darst, MCC
Founder Team Darst, Founding Leader CTI

“Working with Sabrina elevated my approach to life and way to work to another level. She listens deeply to what you want to work on and then uses her huge coaching repertoire to uncover first what is getting in the way and then how to breakthrough with love and conviction. If you get the chance work with Sabrina!”
Ben Ward, CPCC
Founder Explore-Change

“Sabrina Roblin understands fully what it means to be an outstanding listener. She not only hears what her clients are saying, she tailors her feedback to the precise needs of the ongoing dialogue she inspires with anyone lucky enough to work with her. There is nothing canned or prefabricated about the road maps that Sabrina develops with her clients in partnership. Everything she says and does is unique, personal, rooted in fact-based discovery, and carefully shaped to identify the hidden opportunities ahead that few individuals can see for themselves. I have seen her in action for three decades and her sensitivity to helping people better chart their futures is only surpassed by her intuition, patience, and willingness to evolve a plan through collaborative iteration. She is one of a kind, and believe me, you want her in your corner.”
Ken Goldstein, Author
Chairman, ThriftBooks Global; Chairman, Good Men Media

“If you are looking for a mentor or coach who is knowledgeable, insightful and compassionate, Sabrina is a perfect choice. She has the experience and training to catalyze personal transformation in others from a place of service over ego. I highly recommend her for the person she is and for her skills.”
Patrick O’Neill
President Extraordinary Conversations

“Sabrina creates a sacred space for whatever may arise in our sessions. Her wisdom, compassion, and dynamic coaching abilities have helped to align me with my highest path, and have given me the clarity to move forward with confidence. Her talent for connecting singular experiences with larger life themes has brought a sense of cohesion to my life. Her coaching honors our connection with Spirit as well as practical application of the learning. After working with her for a few months, I have accomplished much more than I expected to. But more importantly I feel much more capable of handling situations when they arise. Every session reconnects me with my personal power and gives me the confidence to create from that place. I’m so blessed and grateful to have Sabrina as my coach.”
Bryn Schuermann, CPCC
Farmer’s Markets Manager and Individual Coach