RESILIENCY NOW!  Through Community Resiliency Model (CRM) Training

Scientific research has shown that high stress events can diminish an individual’s well being and resiliency in ways that impact their life, work, and relationships.  After experiencing the CRM training myself, I was so impressed with it’s biological approach to stress and the effectiveness of the tools that I became certified to train it myself.   Now I train coaches and individuals who use it for their own resiliency and share it with their clients and colleagues.  We all walk around in a body that has a highly sophisticated neurobiology, and that is not addressed in most of today’s coaching and training models.  CRM educates individuals and communities in the common biological reactions after high stress experiences, and offers a set of six simple wellness skills based on current neuroscience that restores individuals to wellness and resiliency.  This model is effective in both corporate and public community contexts.  I deliver group trainings and incorporate the model into my coaching as needed by my clients.  The model was developed by the Trauma Resource Institute in California and has positively impacted communities all over the globe. These wellness skills are especially needed for resiliency in facing the stressful challenges in our current global climate.

Training Customized to Your Needs

Effective training is ideal in times of transition or when you have a group or team challenge.  Having been a manager and executive, as well as an experienced coach and trainer, I have a portfolio of effective tools, skills and experience to draw from. Follow up one-on-one coaching with each of the participants to integrate the training can make a training program especially effective. What is your challenge? I’ll take you through a needs assessment and design training that addresses your challenge and your budget.  Contact me for a free consultation.