Living Well In Challenging Times

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These are challenging times. Every day there is something in the news that I find upsetting. All month I’ve been wondering what to blog about and have felt at a loss as to what would be most useful to my clients and readers. I’ve considered the topic of the many faces of love, holding a positive vision no matter what, self-care, being a warrior, and no one topic seems big enough against the backdrop of the challenges we’re facing.

What impacted me the most this month was the shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida. That had me put my pen down. First, was the impact of the event itself and then the insane response of arming teachers and basically turning our schools into prisons. I’ve been dumbfounded by the greed and insanity of it all. When I haven’t felt shocked, I’ve felt angry, sad and mad. I’ve written letters, made calls and signed petitions in line with my belief that we need to follow the example of Japan, Australia and other industrialized nations who have sane and effective gun laws. I am so proud of the students in Parkland who are speaking out and taking a stand. They are showing us what leadership and being a warrior looks like. I’m so grateful for their voice and the changes they have already inspired.

As I write this I know that no one thing is the answer to the challenges we face and its the simple wisdoms and practices that are the most powerful – having tea with a friend, taking a hot bath, writing a letter, making a phone call, turning to a meaningful spiritual practice, acknowledging feelings, going for a walk, playing with the dog, speaking up, taking a stand, attending to what is right in front of us whatever that might be, and being in integrity with ourselves.

Those topics I’ve been pondering all month are important – expressing love in all its many faces, holding a positive vision no matter what the circumstances, good self-care and being a warrior. Most importantly, holding on to what is good no matter what. During these times we all need an array of tools we can draw upon and a support system of people we love. So choose whatever resonates most for you. And remember, as my mentor Patrick O’Neill always says, we are never overmatched by our circumstances. We always have the skills, talents, and character qualities we need to meet any challenge.

Challenging times do offer the greatest opportunity for growth and transformation. If you are ready to reach for what these times are calling forth in you and want to move into a more authentic life, please contact me for a complimentary coaching and mentoring session.

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