Practice Generosity and Give Thanks

The season of generosity and giving thanks is upon us. These two simple practices can transform lives, open hearts, and pave the way for abundance. They act like glue to connect us and weave together the fabric of our culture and our humanity. Changing a life with these two practices can happen in even a brief interaction as I experienced in my youth.

I was only about 12 years old and it was a tough time for me. My parents had a dinner party and one of the couples picked up on my suffering over the course of the evening. When we finished eating, I was invited out on the front deck for a conversation that couldn’t have lasted more than 15 minutes or so. This guest asked me a few questions, expressed gratitude for the evening, acknowledged me, told me to hang in there, and then removed a silk scarf he was wearing and gave it to me. It had the symbol of the astrological sign Taurus on the scarf, which is my sign, and apparently it was his too. I was deeply touched by the interaction with this person I’d only just met. It softened my heart and gave me hope for the future. I never saw him again after that. To this day, I still treasure that scarf and the memory. Every time I see the scarf in the closet or pull it out to wear it, it reminds me that one act of generosity in even a brief interaction can impact a person for a lifetime.

These are practices of the heart and they are much needed, especially in the rough and divisive times of change in which we find ourselves. And in case one story isn’t enough to convince you, research shows the following: giving thanks to a significant other on a regular basis is one of the markers of a lasting relationship, customers are more likely to stay loyal and buy again when they receive thanks for their business, and people who have a daily practice of giving thanks for whatever gave them joy and meaning during the day, experience more well-being than those who don’t.

So, don’t ever underestimate the power of generosity and giving thanks. During this holiday season, take the opportunity to give and receive both, whether to an individual or a non-profit serving your community. You never really know the positive impact it can have, and it will make warm your heart and make you feel good about yourself to boot.

Happy Holidays!

sabrina roblinSabrina Roblin, CPCC has been a professional coach, mentor, and trainer since 2004.  She has worked successfully with individuals both independently and inside organizations in manifesting their goals and dreams, and in creating a meaningful next chapter in their lives.  Contact her for more information and a complimentary coaching session.

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