Sing for Your Aliveness

sabrina ave maria

Music is a source of healing and inspiration that opens the heart and connects us to the mystery of soul and spirit. Making music and performing, whether as a musician or singer, develops leadership, presence and aliveness. When playing in a band or singing in a choir, it develops collaboration skills.

Singing is especially powerful and something you can do anywhere, anytime. Many of us have been told we can’t sing. The Africans say, “If you can walk you can dance, if you talk you can sing,” so let go of any feelings that you can’t so you can enjoy it’s benefits. You can always sing when no one is listening. Singing activates the vegas nerve that goes through the heart, opening us up, inspiring joy and aliveness. It’s especially helpful if you are feeling down or preparing for a challenging meeting or difficult conversation as it will reduce stress and anxiety, and increase your well being. Whether you are a musician or not and whatever music you enjoy, listen often and sing along to your favorite songs. You will become more present and feel more alive.

For those who are trained vocally, there is also singing when others are listening which is something I am challenged by and enjoy. During the 2016 Christmas holiday season I sang with the Sun Valley Hallelujah Chorus. As part of the program, I gave a solo a-cappella performance of Schubert’s Ave Maria, one of the most beautiful odes to Mother Mary. Singing solo like this develops courage and authentic presence, and the simple beauty of the human voice can touch people deeply. It was a journey to embrace the vulnerability of an a-cappella performance, prepare well and then perform the song. It’s an experience I will call on whenever I feel afraid of something I must do.

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