Dare to Risk the Dream

The Voice Sabrina Roblin

It takes courage to go for a dream.  Fear of failure, being judged, and not being good enough can stop us in our tracks. Going for a dream, for the learning and experience, without attachment to what the outcome will be, is a transformational experience that will grow you, and build your self trust, skills and confidence.

In 2016 I was called to follow a dream of being on The Voice, and I answered the call. After six months of preparation, I auditioned for the television reality show in Nashville, TN early this year. This was a courageous act, as not only is this an intimidating leap for any singer, it’s also a youthful show and I’m in the second half of life. I prepared with my voice teacher, and watched the last season of the show carefully as I dreamed of being on it and of being coached by Alicia Keyes or one of the other celebrity coaches on the show. I knew this was an important goal for me. What I didn’t know, was that it would launch me into a transformation healing journey that was never about being on that stage. When I started the journey, I thought it was. It wasn’t until a few weeks before the audition, when I confronted the toughest of my internal demons, that I began to realize this journey was about something much bigger than whether I got picked or not. 

Did I get chosen? No. Am I a winner? Yes! In more ways than I can count.

After I completed my audition and walked out of that room I felt like jumping for joy. I got in my bones why I’ve been told so many times it’s about the journey, not the destination. Throughout my preparation, I was confronted by and slayed several big internal demons: I grew my vocal and performance skills, I finished recording my first CD, and I marveled not only at the support I received from friends and family for pursuing this dream, but at how my pursuit inspired them. I stood in that audition room and sang my heart out for myself, for having slayed those internal demons that challenged me to my core, and for all those people who were standing behind me with their love and support. Was the journey easy? No. And that’s a longer story for another time.

What I will say is dare to risk the dream. I’m here to tell you, it’s worth it! Every minute of it. If you show up for it and stay present to the learning and the blessings you will be a different person on the other side with more self-love, self-trust and self-respect. Don’t let your comfort zone or your fear keep you from pursuing what you love no matter what your age. There are treasures waiting to be claimed.

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