Life Reinspired


Life Reinspired is for professionals contemplating a meaningful next chapter of life at mid-career transition points and “retirement”.

Having retired from a life of working in management and then as an executive in organizations, I learned first hand about the challenges of letting a career go to build the next chapter of life.  This inspired me to join my co-founder in creating Life Reinspired, a program designed to help successful professionals create a meaningful next chapter of life.  Life Reinspired offers in-company group programs and for those who want to do this program individually, I have created a one-to-one coaching program that can be designed to work within your schedule by video conference.  As a participant in the program you’ll reignite dreams and passions, identify values, clarify your personal and professional legacy, map your transition, and take action that launches your fulfilling next chapter of life.

For the one-to-one coaching program please contact me directly.
For information about the in-company group programs, please visit Life Reinspired.