ABC’s of Successful Goal Setting

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Traditionally January is the month for New Year’s Resolutions and often by the time the month has ended, they have been set aside or forgotten.  This can create a subtle hit to one’s self-trust and self-esteem and a ripple of self-recrimination.  As a coach,…

Love, Hope and Renewal

peace dove

The holidays are a time cross-culturally for love, hope, renewal, generosity and celebration. Through the expression of these values, we are reminded of the best in ourselves and others, and the difference that we can make through kind and loving gestures.  I hope you…

The Essential Practice of Giving Thanks

giving and receiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s a favorite holiday.  It’s core premise of gratitude for all our blessings and the yearly tradition of friends and family sharing good food around a table is comforting and heart-warming.  There’s the enjoyment of the traditional…

Help Now!

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Everyone reading this blog has been impacted either directly or indirectly (through friends, family members and the media) by the series of disasters in the last month.  I know I have, which is why I decided to write about this topic.  The events have…

Ten Leadership Lessons from the River

river lessons

On a recent river trip I found there’s nothing like kayaking through category 3+ rapids and having the river dump you out of your boat to be reminded of some key leadership lessons!

Gathering Wisdom from Nature

freedom in nature

Nature is an amazing source of wisdom and healing, and other than the occasional parking or entrance fee to an established park, it’s free. All we have to do is open our hearts to it, be present and listen.

Sing for Your Aliveness

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Music is a source of healing and inspiration that opens the heart and connects us to the mystery of soul and spirit. Making music and performing, whether as a musician or singer, develops leadership, presence and aliveness. When playing in a band or singing in a choir, it develops collaboration skills.

Dare to Risk the Dream

The Voice Sabrina Roblin

It takes courage to go for a dream. Fear of failure, being judged, and not being good enough can stop us in our tracks. Going for a dream, for the learning and experience, without attachment to what the outcome will be, is a transformational experience that will grow you, and build your self trust, skills and confidence.